PyBadge? A new Adafruit board playing Arduboy games

So, aparently this is a thing, or at least it soon will be:


Man … those buttons are noisy.


As i see PyBadge uses Adafruit CircuitPython and probably part of Pygame build on ESP32 (more powerfull than esp8266 and more expensive)

Where does it say it uses ESP32?

The CPU is probably an ATSAMD51 variant.

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Adafruit has both boards in their catalogue ESP32 and ATSAMD51
so its a question
but according to this it’s ATSAMD51

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0:16 she says it’s ATSAMD51


it was my fault ) to mix up MicroPython and CircuitPython

My guess is it’s the same processor pair as this:

So a SAM51 paired with an ESP32 dedicated to doing the IOT stuff.

Yes it is cool adafruit has gone through the heavy lifting of making the Arduboy library work on a new target, as always there are opportunities to build off of this :wink:

That screen sucks though.

EDIT: Nope I watched the video to the end, she flips it over it’s just a SAM51.

They had a little help…

(Everything else was Ms. Fried’s doing of course.)

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Oh because we are using ASM for our sprites which doesn’t port over to the SAMD?

Lol I still would like to meet her one day, I’ve met like literally every other maker type celebrity on the planet except her.

Her and Colin Furze maybe? I’ve never actually tried to get in touch with Colin before.

Aye, SAMD is ARM-based so AVR assembly doesn’t agree with it.

There’s some other bits of assembly dotted around the rest of the codebase,
but overall they’re quite short and easy to replace.

Sprites::drawPlusMask` on the other hand is a bit of a tangled beast.

Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman?
(And the various other Mythbusters?)

I guess Richard Dean Anderson (MacGyver) doesn’t count…

I’ve honestly never heard of him.

here is another interesting way to emulate arduboy
small console with changing cards and it’s possible to put one with Atmega328 )

it’s done

Adafruit PyBadge for MakeCode Arcade, CircuitPython or Arduino


  • ATSAMD51J19 @ 120MHz with 3.3V logic/power - 512KB of FLASH + 192KB of RAM
  • 2 MB of SPI Flash for storing images, sounds, animations, whatever!
  • 1.8" 160x128 Color TFT Display connected to its own SPI port
  • 8 x Game/Control Buttons with nice silicone button tops (these feel great)
  • 5 x NeoPixels for badge dazzle, or game score-keeping
  • Triple-axis accelerometer (motion sensor)
  • Light sensor , reverse-mount so that it points out the front
  • Built in buzzer mini-speaker
  • Mono Class-D speaker driver for 4-8 ohm speakers, up to 2 Watts
  • LiPoly battery port with built in recharging capability
  • USB port for battery charging, programming and debugging
  • Two female header strips with Feather-compatible pinout so you can plug any FeatherWings in
  • JST ports for NeoPixels, sensor input, and I2C (you can fit I2C Grove connectors in here)
  • Reset button
  • On-Off switch
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That’s a heck of features for a little price. They really pulled out the stops on this one. It seems like they are probably not making a lot of money on these to try and make them be popular.

Further argument for the $5 Arduboy.


Low cost version is $25! Shut the front door!

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If you could bring the price down to at least $25 dollars, that would be amazing! Adafruit is a big company which produces components but with some more work in China I’m sure you could do it. I would love to see the $5-10 Arduboy become a thing. :grinning: You could also pull the not-much margin move and try to massively popularise Arduboy.

This is precisely why Adafruit can afford to severely cut the price down.

They buy up components in huge numbers so they get them at a very cheap rate,
and they don’t need to worry about a single product not making much profit because they have a vast range of products bringing money in.

When you’re a big, well known company you can afford to make smaller profits on individual items.

And one of those is called Arduboy :smile:

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It’s interesting how we define a big, well known company. They are very big and well known in. the tech space with enthusiasts and makers but none of my friends would know what I mean when I say Adafruit.

Yes, they are so big that they also resell, not just produce. :sweat_smile:

That’s probably true, but they are still the biggest in the industry I would say. If you are in this marketplace chances are you have heard of them.

Raspberry Pi probably has the largest brand recognition out of all of this. People from all walks of life generally seem to ask me “Is that like a Raspberry Pi thing?”. I think its because Raspberry Pi took over the internet world of driving your lawn mower and operating your garage door. Also the Pi went massive into schools and I think it was all the media and PR around that where people took notice.

To be honest, I think the actual name they did a great job because people are genuinely curious about what it is.