Python Uploader and EEPROM backup and restore


I’ve done a complete rewrite of my python uploader script and no longer requires avrdude :smiley: Since it’s mainly focused on Homemade Arduboys I’ll post it here.


  • Supports uploading to Arduboy, DevKit, and homemade Arduboys
  • Uploads .hex files, .hex files in .zip and .arduboy files
  • Protects unprotected bootloaders from being overwritten by large hex files
  • Supports on the fly patching for SSD1309 displays
  • Supports patching RX and TX LED polarity for Arduino / Genuino Micro

I’ve also written python scripts to backup and restore EEPROM

More info and download at my GitHub

Added Arduino / Genuino Micro support discription

What does everyone do currently to backup EEPROM?
Lode Runner: a trilogy in four parts
I received my arduboy!
Run Arduventure kickstarter version on homemades with SSD1309 displays

One of the other reasons I might as well get a good Raspberry Pi and get cracking about stuff.
Those are real decent here. (although the 2 fps on the small tft screen with SPI interface was kind of a bummer) but that will work. as a tiny computer with screen (and ability to flash Arduboy!)
Smells good.
And yes, I love that GREEN text.


The python upload script is excellent. It uploads games much faster than via the arduino IDE. Is it possible to add on the fly patching of codes for SH1106 OLED as well ?


Not with my scripts. The SH1106 display has more complex and larger display code. It would require a more intelligent patcher to do that.