Python Uploader and EEPROM backup and restore


I’ve done a complete rewrite of my python uploader script and no longer requires avrdude :smiley: Since it’s mainly focused on Homemade Arduboys I’ll post it here.


  • Supports uploading to Arduboy, DevKit, and homemade Arduboys
  • Uploads .hex files, .hex files in .zip and .arduboy files
  • Protects unprotected bootloaders from being overwritten by large hex files
  • Supports on the fly patching for SSD1309 displays
  • Supports patching RX and TX LED polarity for Arduino / Genuino Micro

I’ve also written python scripts to backup and restore EEPROM

More info and download at my GitHub

Added Arduino / Genuino Micro support discription

What does everyone do currently to backup EEPROM?
Lode Runner: a trilogy in four parts
I received my arduboy!
Run Arduventure kickstarter version on homemades with SSD1309 displays

One of the other reasons I might as well get a good Raspberry Pi and get cracking about stuff.
Those are real decent here. (although the 2 fps on the small tft screen with SPI interface was kind of a bummer) but that will work. as a tiny computer with screen (and ability to flash Arduboy!)
Smells good.
And yes, I love that GREEN text.