Quadrastic - Secure the point, avoid the enemies

Quadrastic a simple addicting game based off a favorite psp homebrew game called Squarez.

Updated to version 1.01 Feb. 10 2017
Now with more sound options and better point spawning.
github donwnload
.arduboy file (dropbox link)

I decided to code this game and team up with a buddy of mine (darKaoZ) who did the graphics.
The game has background music, and sound can be toggled on/off by pressing B at the title screen.
Game-play can be paused by pressing B during game-play.

I wish I had better video, but filming this game and playing proves to be challenging.
hope you enjoy and post your top scores (mine is 24).


Fun game!

Note that your GitHub repository is named Quadtrastic (with an extra t in the middle) instead of Quadrastic. This caused me a bit of difficulty getting the name right when installing it.

Also note that your background music score contains notes for 5 tone generators but ArduboyPlaytune only has 2 tone generators. The score wastes program space and CPU cycles.

It would be nice if there was an additional option to turn off the background music but keep the game sound effects.

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Thanks for the feedback, the folder name has been corrected,.
Glad you liked the game.
I’ll look into into the sound thing!. :slight_smile:

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Be nice to have a .Arduboy file too.

arduboy file done. see OP , thanks for the suggestion.

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Thank you for the quick response.

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Great game lots of fun.

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Looks awesome!! Can I upload it to my repo?

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sure you can.
go right ahead :grinning:

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Just put it onto my Arduboy. It’s very addictive!

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hmm, modifying the gameplay and images is giving me an interesting result :slight_smile:


“player” now automatically in the direction it is facing.

I wish I had better video, but filming this game and playing proves to be challenging.

Why don’t you simply use the screen mirroring feature in the ArduBoy Manager?

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If I knew then what I know now yes, next video I will definitely do that .

The scene tools have advanced a lot since the dev kit days, for the better.!!!


Pacman and ghosts is a great theme. You could build themes into the game.

OMG! Bad Dudes VS DragonNinja Highway stage OST!!! :grinning:
last weekend i was triying to make a decent version of this song for arduboy without success!!

Can i use your song data in future games???

a little late i guess, but sure go ahead.


It’s never to late for you! Glad to see you online! :smiley:

been too long. life threw me a curve-ball.