Quagguino is alive!

Hi all, i’m coming to show something i made some time ago, thanks to @Mr.Blinky for the help and patience while doing it, it really help me a lot

it was made by pcbway and i the quality is amazing even for it’s cheaper prize so i’m extremely happy with it

here’s a little video of it working with the flashcart working :smiley: i’m using a W25Q32 module as flash memory, pro micro and a 1.3" sh1106 display

a little problem i had with this, maybe someone can help me
with the games from…
3in1 (A, B, C and D)
and Dark and under
i’m having the problem that after the upload, they keep showing the arduboy image on screen and the last 4 pixels flicker

i know this problem can happen if i compile the games for an ssd1306 and try to make it work on an sh1106, it happened before
but i’m 100% sure i did it correctly, i even remake the flashcart.bin file around 4 times, and always with the same problem, only those games don’t work
besides that i’m extremely happy with this little project, it’s my first time doing something like this

edit: here is what it does with dark and under


If you’re trying to compile Dark and Under using Mr Blinky’s homemade package it won’t work ‘out of the box’ because Dark and Under includes a local copy of the Arduboy2 library (which has been modified to save memory from what I remember). This local version only targets SSD1306, and because it’s part of the game files the version of Arduboy2 provided by the homemade package will be ignored.

You could try using the version from the external-arduboy2 branch.
It should work, but I can’t make any guarantees offhand.


i just tried this and dark and under is working perfectly fine :smiley:
tomorrow i’ll update my bin file for it, thanks!!!

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