Question About Arduboy Clone Battery

So i have ordered some parts to build my own arduboy, but i forgot a way to power it besides USB :sweat_smile:
I am thinking of using a 9 volt battery as my main power source, but my question is: How long can the arduboy run? i will be using a L7805CV to convert the 9 volts to 5 volts. Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

A lot of this depends on the sketch you run, since the power that the display draws depends on the number of pixels lit. A game that uses a white background with black objects will not run as long as a game with a black background.

Looking at the datasheets, I’d estimate that using a good quality alkaline 9V with an Arduino Micro and a 0.96" display would run for around 12 to 20 hours. That’s just a rough, but conservative, estimate.

I run my breadboarded system from 4 AAA NiMH rechargeable batteries, unregulated. I estimate they will probably last 18 to 30 hours, though I’ve never measured it. This is far cheaper in the long run than using a non-rechargeable 9V.

If you’re using an Arduino board as a base, you shouldn’t need an external regulator. You can use the Arduino’s on-board regulator.

but i am going to use a Arduino micro, i can’t connect 9 volts to it straight right? And also the reason why i am going to use a 9 volt battery instead of AA/AAA batteries is because i couldn’t find a battery holder that holds 2 batteries with a cover on top of it and also has thru hole pins on aliexpress :confused: The reason of why i only do 2 of them in a holder is the batteries will also then double as a grip.

Also small question, wouldn’t it damage any components when i would use non-rechargeable batteries instead of rechargeable ones because of a higher voltage? (6 volts total) Since i am more likely to use non-rechargeable ones just because i don’t want to have to create a charge/boost/protection circuit for the battery

Yes you can. You connect the battery to the Micro’s Vin input. On-board regulators will then power the board and provide 5V (and 3.3V if needed) regulated outputs for the display.

Yes, the higher voltage of non-rechargeables may damage 5V components. That’s why I only use rechargeables.

I put my batteries in a battery holder and just charge them externally, since they last so long.

Sorry, i didn’t look good enough at the board :sweat_smile: I thought it didn’t had a regulator build in. But if i connect the battery to the VIN pin, and connect the display to the 5V pin of the arduino, i should be fine right?

Oh and would it be a problem if i turned on the arduino by the VIN pin, and then connect it by USB to flash it? if it could be a problem, would a diode be enough to prevent any power from going to the battery and vice versa?


Looking at the Arduino Micro schematic, it appears that there’s built in selection/protection for providing USB and power via Vin at the same time (but not so if you provide external regulated 5V to the 5V pin).

Okay, Thank you so much for all the help! :blush:
I can’t wait until all the parts arrive so i can start building!