Question about FX Cart: how do I figure out if I'm using EEPROM?

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I’m trying to add my game Shadows and Eternity to the FX Cart website by @filmote and @Mr.Blinky, and noticed a section for EEPROM. I have the EEPROM.h included in my game, but I don’t actually know if it’s being used.

Here’s the section on the website I’m talking about:

So, if I am usign EEPROM, how do I find the Start and End address?

I appreciate any and all help.

Your game doesn’t use EEPROM only the Arduboy2 library so you don’t need to fill in that info.


Thank you! I really appreciate it. :smile:

If you’re using EEPROM, you’ll know about it.

It’s a conscious decision, not something you end up doing accidentally.

You would also have to manually choose a start address when you’re writing to EEPROM, so you’d know what the start address is because you’d have picked it manually.

Figuring out the end address is just a matter of taking the start address and adding the number of bytes that are being used, which will vary depending on the game and what data is actually being saved.

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Oh, okay! That’s some good info!