Question about Games - Re-skinning

Hi all!

First time post so wanted to get some info before I dive in. I have pretty close to 0 programming experience, but I am pretty handy at making graphics.

Are there any policies about re-skinning a game if credit is given to the original team or people that made it?

There are a few titles I would like change the graphics for, but want to make sure that is not a no-go before I start.

Here is a title screen I finished up for the first one :slight_smile:



If the game uses an open source licence then you’re free to reskin it without asking permission as long as you follow the rules of the licence.

It’s courtesy to at least ask for permission though, even though you technically don’t need it.

Fortunately the vast majority of Arduboy games use an open source licence (typically MIT, Apache 2.0 or BSD 3-clause) so there’s a lot of choice.

You can find out more about open source licences here:

You might also want to consider looking to team up with a programmer to provide graphics for a game they want to write/are writing.

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Also sometimes graphics can be licensed differently from code. Arduventure is a good example. So if you reskinned Arduventure, I believe you would be required to redo all of the graphics and not just some of them.

If in doubt, you can always ask about a specific game here and people can help.

What games are you thinking of? That logo would look great on a re-skinned Dark and Under.

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Excellent info! Thank you all :slight_smile:

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