Questions about a menu in an SD project

(Pharap) #41

Technically it’s still a magic number, but now it’s a magic number without a random divide-by-2. :P

Oh, ok.
I didn’t read the documentation for u8x8, I was just going by what u8g2 does.
(I’ve been discussing u8g2 in one of the GitHub issues.)

(Jon Raymond) #42

Unfortunately unlike the 328 the 32U4 has onboard usb so it isn’t really that simple.

Link? u8g2/u8x8 are extensive display libraries at the cost of them being expensive resource wise. I’m really liking the SSD1306Ascii library. It’s simple, lightweight and does exactly what I need.

(Pharap) #43

(Scott R) #44

I’ve not had time to read the whole thread to know exactly where it’s at but when I was looking at doing SD loading I used Avr boot, I wanted to avoid using a loader hex causing the user to flash twice like the gamebuino does but I never got round to the file system stuff. One advantage of avr boot over 2boots is it also runs on 32u4 aswell as 328p using standard Arduino sd wiring and can easily be flashed through a board package using the ide.

There’s a pull request with some fixes but here’s the original project.