Quick Game Jam!

Hey all! I’m going to be doing a game jam for the next 48 hours or so. I’m thinking about making a mega man-style game for the Arduboy. I’m wondering if anyone else is interested in joining to work on a game together. (I’m open to other game ideas, too; I just feel like doing a short team project since I have some free time!)

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Sounds cool have room for an amateur?

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Hey! That’s a good point!

So basically, at the moment I think my technical role would be the physics and the level loading. I’ve also been getting better at pixel art, but I’m always looking for someone who would want to contribute in that area. Also, level design and play testing is something that would be really helpful. And if you want to work on programming a specific thing, that’s also awesome!

What do you think you’d like to do? (And for anyone else looking at this thread, feel free to answer that question!)

I’d like to note that this is all very flexible. Feel free to invent a role, however you think you’d be able to help out! If you want to do management, web design, music, story, or whatever!

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I’m kinda good in the art department

I sent you a PM! (some more characters)

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If you’d announced before you planned to do it I would have had time to contemplate more and sit down and design but I don’t mind contributing bits and pieces. (Tbh I don’t even know the rules of game jams anyway: how far in advance you’re allowed to plan, how many people you can involve etc.)

I can do basic sprite art, complicated/intermediate C++ programming and play the spoons. (That was a lie, I can’t actually play the spoons.)

Feel free to steal and butcher my Menu System:

I never got round to sticking a licence on it anyway.

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I’ve been noticing that people seem to be busy on Tuesday nights; I’m thinking about pushing it back a day or two, maybe even to this weekend if that helps more people join in. I wouldn’t call what’s going on here a “conventional” game jam; rather it’s just more of an invitation to collaborate on and complete a project in 48 (or so) hours. Let me know if pushing it back sounds better! In any case, it hasn’t started yet. I think it would be a good idea to at least wait until morning (pacific time) to see if anyone else is interested.

Can’t say I’ve noticed about tuesdays, but I’m probably in a different time zone to you anyway (I’m assuming you’re in ‘pacific time’).

I’m definitely for pushing it back to see if more people are interested.
At the very least it gives everyone a chance to look at each other’s previous work so they have a better idea of what everyone else is capable of.

Collaborating isn’t easy when people don’t know each other very well because it’s hard to know what everyone is capable of/best suited to, which makes it hard to organise.

Organisation is important for any game project, but much more so for a time constrained one since you need to know what’s important so you can properly prioritise. For example, getting things working is probably more important than keeping things small or well organised and basic physics and rendering is probably more important than sound or multiple weapons.

Sounds interesting … I can’t fathom how you would coordinate various developers. I am intrigued!


But… we have Techno Monkey * insert techno music here *

Aparently there is actually a song called ‘Techno Monkey’.
Who knew?

(I say ‘a song’. It’s some weird instrumental thing. I’m not sure that even counts as techno.)

I hate techno … after watching some of that video, I now remember why.


“The Zoo had to close!” Hahahaha! It reminds me of the capsule boss-rush rooms at the ends of many Mega Man games. I realize now that we will definitely need someone to design the boss attack patterns!

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let us know how the game jam turned out!

Will do. The timeline has been shifted somewhat, so we haven’t started yet. Once we’re ready to start I’ll post it in the thread. I’m thinking it might be fun to also post screenshots while we’re working on it!

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Okeydokey! Starting in a couple minutes here!

Edit: Alright! Let’s do this!

Well, that video had some songs that I don’t remember from THPS 1, also it was kind of low quality audio. Almost like it was from a PS1. :smiley:

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In the meantime, it’s late, I’m going to bed :P.

P.S. What video?

I had previously posted a video that was the soundtrack to THPS 1, but it wasn’t quite right!

I’m thinking that using the scaled drawing code included here would be really helpful for this game, since it is a skateboarding megaman game! I don’t see a license on it though. Any thoughts?

No licence means no licence … go for it!