Quite confused- not a coder

i just recently got my arduboy FX, and adore it. i wanted to load up on games- namely the whole enchilada flash- but i know NOTHING about python or coding at all. i have been able to load a single game at a time, so the fx is communicating with my computer. ive seen all of the help and tutorials on here already, but just cant figure it out… is anyone working on a simpler drag n drop type of situation? is that even theoretically possible? thanks in advance!

Hi @fadedville, welcome to the community! :wave: :partying_face:
It can be tricky to get setup, even for experienced users!
May I ask, what operating system are you running?


There is hopefully a more user friendly way about updating the collection of games, actually the stand-alone python tools are pretty close to drag and drop… you do have to open a command window, but other than that it can all be done without having to code or enter any complicated commands.

@tuxinator2009 was working on ArduManFX utility [WIP] which would be a really awesome addition to the community. If also for adding proper mac support to the mix. But we haven’t heard on that project in a while.


Thanks! And I’m on Windows 11.

On macOS it can be trickier to setup Python. On Windows it should be easy, as you can use the ‘portable’ version of Python included in the package (no installation necessary). Have you tried this by @Mr.Blinky? You don’t need to worry about the ‘activator’ part - but it should let you upload to the FX. Let me know how you get on :crossed_fingers:

Someone make an uploader that can work on windows and mac and is a standalone binary and I’ll invite you to my birthday party.


I FINALLY FIGURED IT OUT!!! Thanks to everyone who had created scripts and gave useful info previously on other threads- i did some digging and was successful. :slight_smile:


What was your solution that ended up working for you?