R.I.P my arduboy

My reset button broke it there a way to fix it?

Depends on how it broke, can you post a picture? Unfortunately they are not super strong, if you gorilla force the paper clip it can snap off.

You can probably replace it if you know how to solder.

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That sucks. If soldering is an issue you can always flash it with Mr.Blinky’s custom bootloader this pretty much makes the reset button redundant.

Alternatively if you can see the copper or solder pads you could short it with something like a sim tool.

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How you gonna flash a bootloader if you cant solder?

You can hold the cables or use a clip I use two strips of 3x female jumper cables with pogo pins pushed in. The clips can be founds cheap and the other one with the male header pins is used for programming 328p things.


Not just those, but I thought that someone used springy contacts and successfully flashed his arduboy …
Those clips, however, looks SUPER COOL. Can’t wait to get some.

I also have a clip modelled on the one @Mr.Blinky posted in I think it was the custom bootloader thread but soldering is required. Actually you could probably make one pushing some pogo clips into breadboard for a solderles solution.

Correct it was there

Now thats an idea I didn’t think of :+1: