Racing Game Test

I make a race game.
I made this video for concept confirmation.
(not hardware scroll)


This is great! Reminds me of Road Rash!

MAKE THIS HAPPEN! F1 race for gameboy :slight_smile: one of my faves!

Game images :smiley:


OLED direct rendering Test

Direct: uses 7,214 bytes (25%)
Normal: uses 7,750 bytes (27%)

Sample code


OLED Partial drawing test

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OLED Scroll test


We did some tests for using hardware scroll. It’s a cool function! But actually doing the same thing in the software is just as fast, or faster even.

The question that may not be answered, does it use less memory space? Are there other advantage to doing it this way?

Thank you for information.

I only confirm its setting method now.
I judge whether it is convenient after incorporating it in a game.

Sounds like a cool game :grinning:

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The big problem with hardware anything is you can’t update the school WHILE the hardware modes are engaged… hardware scroll where you could update the screen inbetween frames might have uses… hardware scroll where they screen must be static the entire time is much less helpful for anything.