Racing Games For Arduboy

I just received my Arduboy today and I was wondering if anyone knew if there were any racing games available for the system? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Krazy Kart is the only one I’m aware of, not really a full on racing game though. Looks like Team A.R.G. has something in the works since they got a thumbnail labeled as Pico Racer on their games page, but it’s a work in progress with no further details. I’m eagerly awaiting more news on it as they make some really pretty games.


The Arduboy Manager has a UFO racing game that was ported over from Gamebuino. I’m not sure how many levels there are or how to play. I’ve only tested it to make sure the file wasn’t corrupted.

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I’m looking forward to some myself!

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probably if u keep scrolling down you’ll find games that say something related to racing

Sirene should have ‘flashlight mode’, even though it uses the old Arduboy library it was created after flashlight mode was introduced, so unless the version being installed onto new systems was compiled with an especially old version of the old library, it should still have ‘flashlight’ functionality.

Edit: See my later comment.

Afaik Safe mode is in A.R.G games it works the same but nothing lights up.

It’s possible that when randomly hitting buttons you disabled audio in boot up

…let’s edit whilst @Pharap replies :stuck_out_tongue:

I did more digging and realised I misread “Arduino” as “Arduboy” (in fairness it’s the first time I’ve actually seen someone explicitly include Arduino.h in a game, so it’s pretty unusual).

Sirene was changed to use the Arduboy2 library and thus ‘flashlight mode’ on 9th December 2016, so any version of Sirene compiled after that will have ‘flashlight mode’.
(I would hope new Arduboys are being sent out with the newer version.)

Prior to that, yes, Team Arg games had a special ‘safe mode’, but aparently that was only compiled into the sketch if SAFE_MODE was defined.

So ultimately this all comes down to which version of Sirene was installed onto the Arduboy (and which settings were used to compile it).

That’s plausible but I couldn’t say either way without digging through the code again.