Randocity - a large open world motorcycle game

Randocity.arduboy (95.2 KB)


Free Play Race to the Edge Crazy Courier


Arduboy large open-world procedurally generated city motorcycle game with 3 play modes.

  • The city is 256x256 blocks with each block being 64x64 tiles and each tile is 8x8 pixels.
  • Assuming a block is 100m, then the random city is about the size of El Paso, TX
    • 100m/block * 256 block = 25.6km ~= 15.9 miles
    • (15.9 miles)2 = 252.8 miles2
    • El Paso is about 255.2 miles2
  • The city is generated from a random seed. But a given seed will always produce the exact same city.
    • The underlying algorithm uses an LFSR (linear feedback shift register) for the random element, but for a given seed the sequence is always the same.
    • Currently using a 20-bit LFSR (4 bits for a block x 256 blocks wide x 256 block high -> 20 bits.
    • Could easily use larger LFSR for larger maps. (32 bits would allow a 16k by 16k city with 4 bit blocks)


  • Left/Right buttons turn
  • B button accelerates each time it is pressed
  • A button brakes each time it is pressed
  • Going off road will stop the motorcycle. To get back on the road, press B repeatedly.
  • Holding the Down button and pressing A will pause the game and allow the player to resume or exit.

Game Modes

  • Free Play - expore the city at your own pace.
  • Race to the Edge - start out in the middle of the city and try to reach any edge as fast as you can.
    • Fastest times are stored along with the map seed so you can try to beat your record or get share your seed with a friend to see if they can do better.
  • Crazy Courier - pick up randomly placed packages. The faster you pick them up, the more points you get. But if the timer reaches zero, its game over.
    • Highest scores are saved along with the map seed.

Other Features

  • Records - see the fastest Edge Race time or highest Crazy Courier score.
  • View Map - scroll through the mini-map to see how the city is laid out.
    • Also allows you to change the seed.
  • Help - brief description of controls and games.

This is the first game I’ve published for the Arduboy. I’m very happy with how it turned out and hope others like it too. Please let me know what you think.


It doesn’t seem to be working with the embedded emulator very well in my chrome browser. I did test it with the standalone emulator and didn’t notice any issues. Any tips to clean it up for the emulator would be appreciated. Thanks.

Works fine on Firefox as far as I can tell.

(Though the embedded emulator hasn’t worked for me for a long time.)

The embedded emulator has some kind of bug and as best as I can tell it’s inherent to how chrome handles memory management of iframes.

Great game! Nicely done and such a big map …


Nice game. I’m terrible at this but somehow 10 minutes flew by without me even realizing it. Great time killer.

This was fun, pretty cool how much of the world you got in there

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For some reason i don’t know how to install this…

You can try installing it from here which includes instructions on how to get started: https://arduboy.ried.cl/