Random Electronics Project: Nixie Clock


If this is too off topic feel free to delete this post, but I finally got around to crossing off building a nixie clock from scratch from my bucket list. Supercap backed DS1302 SPI interfaced RTC, 64 bit serial high voltage shift register, PIC16F886 8 bit mcu, run off mains 120Vac. Warning, lots of glowy shiny pics below!!!

More technical info on my Hackaday.io page: https://hackaday.io/project/160961-diy-nixie-clock

(Boti Kis) #2

I love this, it is perfect.

(Pharap) #3

Nixie tubes are always cool.

I especially like the “Danger High Voltage!” on the board.


どくれだ? バナーナ!? バナ~ナ~!!?


I like those “neon light numerical diodes”.
Their switching time? (like, how long does it take for that thing to change from one to another)


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I cant easily read the datasheet as it is in russian and is a scanned pdf, but from what I can gather it looks like two times are listed: 1-3ms and 2-6ms. I’m guessing one is for the strike time and the other is extinguish time. It looks really fast though as I sequentially flash through all digits a few times at about 5Hz every hour to prevent cathode poisoning. I am direct driving them, but I’ve seen others pwm and multiplex multiple tubes so they must be pretty fast. Here’s the datasheet for those interested (it’s as old as I am!!!): http://www.tube-tester.com/sites/nixie/dat_arch/IN-12A_IN-12B_03.pdf.


Well in that case,
these tubes were indeed impressive.
But somehow, they all decided to use the LED diodes when building their “red stone elevators”–really old elevators.