RANDOM things

You got the Arduboy-credit card game machine. Cool thing.
But have you ever dreamed of something better? Something…with a bigger screen, a better power button, a better reset button…?
You know the Arduboy is based on Leonardo ETH. Now why don’t you buy one of those and start tinker your OWN ARDUBOY?

Why do you keep using strikeout to put a line through parts of your posts? If you don’t want it to be part of what you’re saying, why not just leave it out?

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That’s not the purpose of strikeout. It’s to indicate that you made an error and that something you previously said, that wasn’t struck out, is incorrect.

Have you seen anyone else in this forum using strikeout the way you do?

Actually using strikethrough for humorous effect is somewhat common on the internet.

I can’t really search any of the forums’ topics for strikethrough usage because format tags aren’t searchable, but here’s a StackExchange answer discussing the matter.

I found another discussion on Reddit, but I warn you that the humour is a bit crude.

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Yes, but usually only to strike out a few words that you would be thinking, and then replace it with a polite equivalent, not to strike out entire sentences/paragraphs that are contrary to something else you’ve written.


Hrm, upon checking the edit history I see what you mean.

That’s certainly a job for brackets/parentheses.

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Okay i will note that.
Originally it would be the job of braces and parenthesis parentheses (I can NEVER spell that)
But then I encountered this interesting strickout and so i tried to replace the “way-too-common” braces and parentheses (oof, got that right!).
Turns out to be unsuccessful…

It used to be a “cool” thing alongside wavey & rainbow font back in the AOL chat days.

Next thing I know, I moved FreeGear onto the top of my todo list. If you have a computer, play it here: