Raspberry Brain - A bizarre endless scroller

May I present to you my first Arduboy game!

It’s an endless side scroller, you play as a cavernous angioma (a group of blood vessels that looks like a raspberry) and you have to avoid sticking to brain matter while triggering synapses when they appear.

Short background for this game: I had one of these in my brain a few years ago, it caused epilepsy, I had it taken out, and I’m alive! “Raspberry brain” has just been a term that’s stuck with me and I figured I could use it somehow for a game.

RaspberryBrain.hex (39.3 KB)

It flashes every time you hit a synapse as a sort of graphical effect that looks cool, but you can turn it on/off with the right D-pad button on the title screen. Don’t risk it if you’re prone to seizures!

@Pharap and @filmote helped out a lot, thank you guys!

Here’s the source code.


Good to see its coming along … maybe add a feature that allows you to miss 3 synapses? It is not obvious that you have died because you missed one.

Great thinking. I thought of having a conditional where it would tell you explicitly why you lost, but I didn’t end up including that. I like this idea though.

Could you elaborate on the collision issues you found? I might already know what you’re referring to. I might not have seen it as an issue but I’m interested if others do.

Ahh … you must have read my comment before I changed it. I thought there was a collision issue as the game was ending without me hitting anything … it was only then I realised that I had to destroy every synapse and that the game was ending when one disappeared of the left hand side.

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Oh okay! No worries. I see now how that can be confusing.

I added this feature! There’s now a counter up in the top left corner that tells you how many misses you have, and allows for three. It also tells you why you died on the game over screen.

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Nice. Can you change the initial post to include the new HEX?

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All set. Sorry, I totally should’ve remembered to do that :man_facepalming:

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Wow that is a pretty intense story! This game is really tough and plays super fast it reminds me of the battle toads level.

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Oh wow, the turbo tunnel level? I honestly never made that connection at all but I can see it. Now I feel bad for torturing players with this :sweat_smile: