Raspberry Pi arduboy game loader

I have always wanted to be able to easily upload games from Eried’s arduboy game collection. So, I made a game loader which runs on the raspberry pi (and most Linux Distros) and has the ability to load games onto the arduboy from Eried’s collection. It is a simple python application that uses git, curl, and tkinter to get the games and upload them to the arduboy via MrBlinky’s python game tools. All that is necessary to run it is to download the latest from GitHub, unzip it, cd into the folder, and run “python3 gui.py”. Everything from there is simply waiting a bit and double clicking on the game you want to load.

I can not say this enough, but,
This tool would not exist without MrBlinky’s and Eried’s existing work

-Can’t auto update the python script


GitHub link:


@eried did something a bit like this a long time ago: