Ravine Despoiler Highscores

If anyone plays it, please post your high scores here.

I think the best I’ve gotten is in the 240 range, but that was with several misses. Boulders are scored based on the number that are above it when it’s hit, so if you hit a boulder at the bottom of a tall stack, it could be worth up to 8 points. That’s one reason to fly faster, as it gives your bomb more vertical movement. A quick check of the code shows that a new ravine has 147 boulders, so that’s a floor on a perfect game, but I’ve not calculated the theoretical maximum yet.


# Score Player Date
1 312 @unwiredben 2021-07-27
2 34 @johnpassfield 2021-07-26

Taking a leaf from another forum’s book, I’ve moved this to a new topic, made it a wiki and added a highscore table.

It’s something that hasn’t really been done on the Arduboy forum before, so consider this an impromptu trial run to see what people think of having highscore threads.

If it catches on, I’ll probably nag politely ask @bateske to create a ‘highscores’ category.

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OK, just did my first formal high score run to get things started, and ended up with 263.

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This is a cool game. My score is pretty low, I played it in the browser - I will upload to my Arduboy and aim for a better score!

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@unwiredben One problem with including the date is that some of us are in different time zones and thus on different days.

That’s true, I was just thinking of someone finding this thread in the future and not having any idea when the scores were produced, without looking at the wiki history.

Just had a really good run where I focused on hitting the bottom of formations and hit 312, and that was with a few misses. So, there’s still room to get up the 340s at least.