Ravine Despoiler

Here’s my version 1.0 build of Ravine Despoiler, a game I created after looking up the words “Canyon” and “Bomber” in an online thesaurus :slight_smile:

RavineDespoiler.hex (42.0 KB)

You can control the planes speed and drop bombs to try to clear out the ravine. I don’t know why you want to clear it, but you’ve got one job and that’s it. You get more points when you clear out boulders that are below other boulders. A complete miss will penalize you five points, so try not to do that.

Code is online at GitHub - unwiredben/arduboy-ravine-despoiler: a game inspired by Canyon Bomber for Arduboy

I welcome both game play and code comments!

2020-09-21 update: new version with end-of-level screen
2020-09-22 update: fixed scoring display, had too much spacing between numbers
2020-10-17 update: theme music on title screen and on finishing level, explainer screen
2021-07-25 update: version 1.0 with game sound effects



For more background on the original game, I highly suggest this video
Atari Archive: Canyon Bomber

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Just a minor bookkeeping/moderation notice:
I moved this to ‘demos’ because you’ve got it listed as ‘in development’.
When you’re ready to release it fully you can move it back to ‘games’.

By the way, is ‘depoiler’ supposed to be ‘despoiler’ by any chance? I think you missed an ‘s’.

Also, please be careful with borrowing code from other people’s games and demos.
Even if you’re only borrowing small bits you’re still supposed to retain the licence and copyright notice.
So far I count two sources you haven’t properly cited.

I’ll definitely fix those references to other code, adding notes to both readme and source. I’m using code adapted from Arduboy2 for the line algorithm, and I’m using a cut version of the 4x6 font from @filmote. There’s also the physics demo code that I used originally (and referenced) for Beam Em Up. I can’t think of anything else where I referenced other code right now.

I didn’t know about the demo vs game distinction. That didn’t come up during the jam. Thanks for changing that.


and just pushed attribution updates and fixed the GitHub repo name

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My 7-year old son and I were talking about the game last night and brainstormed some more things:

  • boulders that take multiple hits to explode
  • larger boulders that crack into multiple smaller ones when hit
  • “fill the ravine” mode where you use the zeppelin to drop new boulders in, level ends when you reach the top of a column

I just updated the lead post with a new version. This has the proper end of level screen with final score display. Still have to work on sound effects.

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Update with music on title screen and on the level finish screen, and a new explainer. While the music sounds OK on my device, it’s really harsh on the web emulator so be ready to hit “M” to toggle it off.

I finally got around to finishing this up for 1.0 with sound effects in the game. I’ve updated the top post with the latest build and removed the “demo” tag.


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