Ray tracer on Arduboy [WIP]

Wait… what is the legal talk about? You’ve written the code, you’re the copyright owner, right? :slight_smile: The fact the demo is vaguely similar to some game someone else made means nothing.

No, I don’t mean dithering, I mean these differently colored tiles:


Obviously this will depend on legal jurisdiction and contract but in the UK the employer would be the copyright owner, or author, if the works were created in the scope of the employment. I think.


Should we take this to mean you actually work for (or have worked for) Activision?

Yeah some of those employment invention contracts in software can be very invasive and restrictive…even after leaving a company.

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these are individual primitives. I imagine some of these are lights and the other just show the GI bounce from the floor :slight_smile:

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yes, I do. I thought bateske wrote this in a former post, but I see he only reported but past employers.

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