Rayne the Rogue 2



After barely escaping the dragon’s lairs Rayne traveled the world in search for the next big adventure. Rayne came across a rumor of a magic lamp hidden within a castle. The lamp is guarded by vicious creatures hunting down any interlopers. Help Rayne navigate the castle and avoid the beasts to get the lamp.

All games available at neoretro.games , donations accepted.

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Thus looks great. Is ‘us’ you and @Vampirics? I sense his graphical involvement …

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Since I am named somewhere in the animated gif, yup I am involved in it :wink:

But more importantly, we hope the community likes the game.

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Rayne the Rogue 2 now available for download.

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Wow, thanks for all the work


Check out the embedded emulator iframe! You can play Arduboy games right inside the post!


For those who played the game. Anyone got a ranking? What’s your ranking? Pictures are welcome! :smiley:


So far I got to level 8. Is there an explanation somewhere of what the potions do?

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Nice, almost half way.

Invisibility_potion Invisiblity Potion: Player can pass through the guards while invisible.
Illusion_potion Illusion Potion: Player will leave behind an illusion that the guards will target.
speed_potion Speed Potion: Player will move twice as fast for a limited time.
fire_potion Fire Potion: Player gains a Fire Aura for a limited time and can defeat guards.


In the Arduboy version of Rayne 2, she’s also equipped with 2 rings that are linked to button A and B respectively, don’t forget to use the rings when in a pinch. Fire ring does the same as the fire potion and and the Invisibility ring does the same as the invisibility potion too.

If you need to pause the game press left and right at the same time. Also from the pause menu you can turn the sound off if you want.