Re: Drawing Tablets General

Thought i’d come back for a follow up.

The following image is the example I drew with the tablet. I just had a image search of bonsai trees open while drawing this.



While Drawing

  • I found drawing the tree itself was easier with the tablet since it allowed me to make more fluid movements. This resulted in more natural branches in my opinion.
  • The pot in which the bonsai rests in was very difficult to do with a tablet. I think this was because it needed exact movements and mouse would have been better suited.
  • You do feel cramped while drawing. I posted reviews in the main post where they commented on this and I agree with them. Still love the form factor since I enjoy compact things.
  • Wired connection was a bit of pain while using with my ThinkPad. (I am a ThinkPad fan boy. Please DM me so I can geek out with you) On the desktop it wasn’t a big deal.

Gimp Setup

  • Although it worked out of box I had a lot of headaches actually trying to configure it. I ended up with just using keyboard shortcuts while drawing. Another tablet might have better support for gimp.
  • Using other software I found more of the same issues I found in Gimp. When using a browser based editor it excelled since the configuration just maps key macros to the buttons on the pen or tablet.I personally did not enjoy using it like this, but if you just use browser editors you’ll love it.

Things I Learned

  • It’s better to swap white to black when wanting to erase something.
  • 128 x 64 is a lot more space to draw than you think.
  • 128 x 64 is a lot harder to judge the size things should be. (That’s not to say you can’t make a bigger image and scroll in screen. I just kept myself at that size while learning.)
  • I am not very good at pixel art… I don’t take credit for that image since I took a lot of inspiration from other images.
  • A wireless tablet would have made things less messy. I moved the tablet frequently to suit my position either on a coffee table or couch.
  • The size was awesome when using a laptop, but on a desk I would have enjoyed a larger drawing area.
  • It took some getting use to drawing on a tablet and don’t blame the device at all. There is muscle memory that comes with anything you aren’t use to.
  • drawSlowXYBitmap() only works when using this freaking awesome website by @mrboggieman. I did not spent much time learning to use drawBitmap() since I was just trying to learn and that website made it super easy for me.
  • The pouch that came with it is awesome for storing your Arduboy… lots of space for activities.

Thanks for reading! Please post bellow if you have any suggestions or comments on my findings. :slight_smile:

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