Recalcitrant SH1106 OLED [Solved: SCK & MOSI were swapped]

@Mr.Blinky may beat me to this but I think I may have found the issue. Just getting some pics to explain, so have a quick sweepstake to see who’s right. I believe you have all had enough info to spot the error that I think it might be.


Now to figure out if I can greenwire it to confirm, before a board rev.

Actually I didn’t until you pointed it out.

I’m so gratified.


So board respin it is then. Thanks for playing along at home with me - it really kept me going. I can at least get on with testing a few more things before I send the board off, just in case we find any more hilarious errors!
And now, back to our scheduled programme.

YAY! :clap: :+1: :tada:


Absolutely! Couldn’t have done it without everyone helping.

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I’m wondering if it’s still comfortable in your hands with some headphones plugged in. It looks like the plug will be sticking out into the palm of your hand a bit. Might be something to test before doing a respin.

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Wow, I’m so glad you mentioned this. From an ergonomic perspective, I think you’re probably right - the jack needs to be more aligned with the sides/battery axis.

However, the real save you have just provided is when I look at the PCB, none of the jack pads are connected to nets. I have checked why and it’s because the schematic part uses letters for its pin numbers and the footprint uses numbers, like every other part does. I will do some proper revision in that area!

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ye olde pin swap

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