Recommended games?

My favourite list:
-Arduminer (when finished is gonna be gr8)
-CastleBoy (masterpiece)
-Circuit Dude (you can save your progression and ,play for two minutes and turn off)
-Omega Horizon (Metrooooid)
-TeamArg games (all are extremely well crafted)
-Dark and Under (gotta do a loong run or learn to program)
-Star Honor
-Arduventure (next month)


Excellent… thank you!

I don’t know if this is a taboo subject in this forum, but is the Arduboy capable of running an emulator of some sort, or is that just way beyond its technical abilities? IDK what systems would even be worth considering, given the display and technical limitations, but it would be curious to see what it is able to handle. Something like one of the earliest black/white arcade games or old handheld games like those listed here:

I wish I wasn’t such a dummy when it comes to programming or I’d try my hand at something fun like that…

I’ll second these:
Omega Horizon
TeamArg Games
Dark and Under
Arduventure - really enjoying this game

The other I just have not played yet. :slight_smile:

Also 1943.


Apparently some handhelds and game & watch games have been successfully emulated for browsers using flash… Again, I don’t know anything about this stuff and I can only guess that emulating anything would be unrealistic, but something like this would be interesting.

I don’t know you’ll think it does it well but you can use your Arduboy as a USB keyboard and mouse

or a USB gamepad

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Thanks Fred! Sounds like there are a lot of great original games out there to try out. Looking forward to this!

that’s really cool, Scott… I probably wouldn’t use stuff like that myself, but it’s great to see what people can do with it. Again, I’m a dummy and totally new to arduino and any programming, but I’m hoping to learn a bit through this group. Thanks for the reply!

My top games on Arduboy (the order doesn’t matter):

  • Mystic Balloon
  • Virus LQP 70
  • Arduventure
  • Micro City
  • Ardulem
  • Omega Horizon
  • Humanity Revenge
  • Star Honor
  • Circuit Dude
  • Lode Runner
  • Ardynia
  • Tacklebox
  • Micro TD
  • CastleBoy
  • Fantasy Rampage
  • Space Cab
  • Rogue ASCII
  • Rooftop Rescue

I need to build a portable game loader. So many good games

Edit: how could I forget CastleBoy!
Edit2: Fantasy Rampage is also awesome!
Edit3: Space Cab!
Edit4: Rogue ASCII
Edit5: Rooftop Rescue


To list some of the best IMO in no particular order:

Dark & Under
Humanity Revenge DC
Dark & Under
Virus LQP-79
Circuit Dude
Dark & Under

There’s other great games that I’ve enjoyed but the above has good amount of replay value.


@filmote’s Lode Runner: a trilogy in four parts is a blast, and I made a simple (not very polished compared to a lot of other games out there) Tower Defense game; Under Attack - Simple Tower Defense which might be fun if you like something mechanically challenging.

Edit: fixed the links! tyvm @Pharap.
Also, RPi’s seem to be the answer to everything portable tech related XD

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It could emulate something, but that something would have to be quite slow or simple.

Emulation isn’t exactly taboo, technically the illegality of emulation comes more from the ROMs themselves than the emulator (because of copy protection laws), and it also depends on the platform being emulated (a commercial games console would be more of an issue than a graphing calculator, for both legal and technical reasons).

Something like a Chip8 emulator would be completely fine (I think we might have one of those somewhere).

The only way to know how is to learn.
Time and effort go a long way - back in 2011/2012 I couldn’t tell RAM from a CPU and had never written a line of code, and now I sit here helping other people learn to program.
You never know until you try.

All you need is a Pi Zero and find a 3D printer:

@ThaddeusSM Turn that second link into and it’ll go to the main post instead of linking to a random comment. The /10 at the end directs it to post 10.

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Ever hear of homebrew emulators being used in commercial games? It happens…it’s karma

The Arduboy is capable of running an emulator.

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The Arduboy is capable of emulating a flashlight/torch :wink:
With many games, hold the UP button while powering up. :flashlight:


I’m not surprised.
It really depends on the company involved.
Some are harsh, some are laissez faire.

I’m convinced no amount of throwing the book at people would ever stop emulators being made, but some companies will do that either as a show of power or a means of making profit. Others will, as you say, use the code for an existing emulator if the licence suits their purposes, and others will just ignore the practice altogether.

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A little late to the party it seems but perfect opportunity to link to an old Arduboy Magazine article -
Community poll from here.

Other polls:



An OTG cable and the app on Android should work.

‘Unfortunately’ I have an iPhone. I will go the Pi Zero solution.

Don’t apologize for having an iPhone. I have one too. :slight_smile: