Recommended Replacement Cable

Hi, so after lurking the community for a while I finally bought an Arduboy. Scored a sweet deal on a red Kickstarter model, it’s a great little device that I’m definitely going to have to try coding a game for. Only problem is the cable the owner included is not capable of working for data, and I don’t have a data micro USB around the house apparently, they’re all charging only as well.

Can anyone recommend a replacement cord that works? Preferably Prime from Amazon? I’ve heard not all data cables work for some reason.

Thank you in advance

Edit: Any chance the magnetic type cords work with this? Or would magnet potentially damage? That could be cool to use for changing games on the fly and not inserting cord upside down

It should work fine, as long as you don’t mind the adapter part that’s always attached to the bottom of the Arduboy. I guess there’s an increased chance of breaking the Arduboy’s USB connector by twisting or bumping the adapter.

A magnet won’t cause any damage.

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