Recreating Super Mario Land Piezo Speakers

I have been playing around with the idea to try to recreate Super Mario Land from the gameboy for arduboy.

My biggest concern so far though is if the theme tunes for the game would be too complicated for the Piezo Speakers. Does anyone have any experience remaking classic chiptunes on arduboy, and do they sound right?

Yep there is some great chiptunes team arg has built this awesome tracker, it’s still in development but you can get 4 channel 4 voice sound!

Ok, that gives me hope! A lot of the stuff I’ve been coming across before sounded a bit rudimentary.

@borisvdb ATMlib is the best thing out right now for music as it’s pattern based but per channel, so reusability of data is really easy.

There were some limitations with ATMLib that were addressed in a fork we’ll be releasing early next year. Things like an easy API for sound effects was something we were looking for in the game we’re going to be publishing soon.

I put together some tracks that we made with ATMLib that we’ll be publishing in our game soon. Apologies for the bad quality in audio.