Red LED stays on even after USB cable is unplugged

Hi everyone!
I just got my Arduboy in the mail yesterday, and although it’s running fine, I’m experiencing a weird issue that I couldn’t find mention of anywhere.

When I charge my Arduboy, the red LED on the bottom is on, which as I understand is normal. The weird thing is, when I unplug it, the red LED stays on, whether the device is turned on or off. As I understand, that shouldn’t be happening.

At first, I thought it was some kind of a battery issue, but even with the red LED on, the battery seems to be holding its charge for hours. I even turned it on and left it running a screensaver app for over 2 hours in addition to about 5 hours of being turned off with the red LED glowing, so the battery itself seems to be okay.

The red LED does go out, after the device loses a certain amount of charge, it seems. The device was still working, so the battery hadn’t completely discharged. But as soon as I charge the device up again, even for a little bit, the issue returns, and the red LED continues to glow persistently, after I unplug it.
Can anyone shed some light on the issue? Is there anything that can be done? I obviously don’t want the LED to always be on when my Arduboy is well charged.

This is quite weird! It sounds like it is a partial failure of the charging circuit that the IC responsible for turning on and off that LED isn’t quite doing it’s job.

If you would like to get it repaired or replaced please use and I can help with that.

Sorry for the trouble!

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Thanks so much for a quick response! I tried filling out the contact form, and the progress bar on the “Submit” button did seem to fill up, but nothing happened after, and I received no email confirmation or anything, so I have no idea whether the form went through or not.


Once the progress bar gets to the end it should have a check mark next to the “submit” button.

I didn’t actually get anything yet so I’m assuming it didn’t go through. What browser are you using? Do you have any script or adblock software on?

Maybe just try refreshing the page and do it again, I’m curious why it’s not working. I just tried it myself successfully. Let me know!

I think the issue was my Anti-Virus/Firewall software. After trying two different browsers and my other computer, to now avail, I shut down the Anit-Virus and it worked. Much appreciated! :slight_smile:


Hi Kevin,

I don’t know what’s going on, but it’s been over 2 weeks since I got your email response to my contact ticket, and my attempts to respond to your email seem to have gone unanswered, along with the attempted private message to your forum account. I’m not sure how else to reach you besides replying to this thread again. Please let me know what’s going on, and if you’ve received my emails. I really don’t want to keep bugging you, but I haven’t heard from you at all in over 2 weeks and this issue is as yet unsolved.

Thank you. I appreciate you taking your time.

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