Refund Request Ignored

7 1/2 months after clicking the “Order Now - Shipping Soon!” button, I requested a refund and my request was ignored. I no longer want the item because I do not want to do business with a company that repeatedly provides false information (it was never “Shipping Soon!” when I ordered). I don’t want to do business with a company that treats it’s customers poorly, ignores their requests, and engages in questionable (to me unethical) business practices. All I want is my money back now. I don’t want your product ever. It’s that simple. So why is that request so difficult to process? I guess I don’t understand…


I don’t know whether this is true, but I just asked for a refund myself, so I can order directly in Germany. I hope it goes through smoothly

I assume your request will be ignored as well. If you do receive a refund I would appreciate you letting me know.

Here was my original request: “Hello, I would like a refund on TetrisCard order number #R237625105 dated March 1st 2016. Please let me know when it had been processed. Thank you. David”

Here was the response: “Thank you for your email and follow up. Even though the Standard Arduboys have started shipping, the Tetris Microcards are currently undergoing some further testing and Quality Control checks before going through production.They should be ready in about a month. Thank you for your kind patience. -Celine”

Notice that my request was completely ignored and I was told to wait even longer!

Again, not sure what the big deal is.
Perhaps they don’t have the capital to issue refunds.

Very sad customer service.