Release: Picross_a

So I got my arduboy a couple of weeks ago and struggled to think of something to make for it before I was struck by a desire to make a picross game so here it is.

25 Puzzles some of them even resemble things!


I hope you check it out. I’ll get around to adding it to the repository soon but I’ve got a month old baby yelling at me!

You can play it on the emulator here:

Or just get the hex file for your own machine here:

It’s using the arduboy2 library and doesn’t touch EEPROM or anything so it should be fine and dandy. One day I might add some rudimentary save functionality though.


This looks really well done. I love that you can select a puzzle rather than have to do them sequentially.

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For some reason a nice puzzle select menu was super important to me and probably where most of the code (not puzzle design) time went. Thanks!

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I just did them all … its amazing you got such recognisable things from a 5x5 grid!

Just wanted to try this game out but I noticed it is no longer there @Candyleader could you upload the game here or post it again? :slight_smile:

Oh crikey yeah thank you! I’m migrating my website to a new provider so it’s still sitting on my work desktop.

I’ll sweeten the deal by making a .arduboy file when I’m back in the office tomorrow.

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Have you considered hosting the code and .hex on GitHub?

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I have considered it yeah, that project was just a quick hack though really. I’ll probably pop it up there once I get everything in order.

Right I’ve quickly farted up a github repo

I’ll get the arduboy file put together and whack it up there sometime this week…

Farted up? What does that mean?

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Means it’s in the cloud now.