Remote flashing arduboy?

I didn’t really want to start another topic just for this but here goes…

With the current retail version of Arduboy, how possible would it be to flash it directly from a second arduino? Now that I have my real arduboy, I have a pro-micro sitting here with a screen and a micro SD reader doing nothing, it would be cool to have it flash the Arduboy with new games. Is this possible?

Not possible. The Pro-Micro (and the Arduboy) can only act as a USB device, not a USB host, so it can’t talk to an Arduboy over USB.

By using the USB, it’s not possible. You could however wire up to the test pads on the circuit board to accomplish something like this but it’s probably not worth the trouble. The best solution I can think of to remotely flash an Arduboy from other hardware would be using something like the Pocket Chip or a Raspberry Pi Zero (with a battery).