Repair the included micro USB cable

Disclaimer: The included cable works as expected. This article represent a fix to an issue that might appear after extreme use

The included micro usb cable might start failing after weeks of heavy use, but repairing it is easy enough:

  1. Twist both ends to open them (loosening the glue with the twisting)
  2. Identify the “weakened” wire
  3. Cut and resolder
  4. Put a tiny quantity of super glue to reseal it, for ease of future repairs. If you shortened the wires you might need to clamp it down for few seconds

This guide may seem stupid to somebody, because this fix is really simple, but most cables are unfixable (because they use injected silicone in the ends), this is not the case so consider fixing your cable :slight_smile: I already had 2 broken ones after just 3 months.


What do you do to them? Mine is still going strong!

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:disappointed_relieved: I am not sure. Maybe I use them too much. My gf laughs because I carry my five arduboys in my backpack (but she does know that you never know when you are going to need multiple arduboys)

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Everyone needs 5 arduboys … I have only 3.


Lol, @eried you’re the first we have heard of having a problem with the USB cable, I think heavy use might be a culprit, but they should last longer than that.

Let us know, we don’t specifically warranty the USB cable, but if it’s a real problem for you that it’s your only USB cable and it’s preventing you from enjoying your Arduboy, please let us know.

Cant even imagine how do you live with 3 :scream:

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I only have two hands ! It seems adequate.

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No worries. I was not wanting any warranty :smiley:

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I gotta always offer that up, remember other people gonna come in here thinking about buying an arduboy and read your post and think “oh god all the cables are shit” when it’s actually an isolated incident. Just have to keep a consistent thread about our satisfaction guaranteed policy.

I’m pretty amazed and impressed in general the lengths our users go through to repair their own equipment, so keep up the good work!

Right, I am going to add a disclaimer to the post if that is the case. The cables are not shit, I use only 1 cable for all the arduboys and microusb stuff, so maybe I over use them fast.

And if anyone experienced issues with the cable, then it would be nice to hear them here.

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I think extreme use should be in bold and maybe add “this is not a common problem”.
Just to really ‘hammer it home’.

I’m not even sure I can FIND the cable that came with mine. I tend to just grab whichever one is handy and use that. Especially since the one it comes with won’t reach from the sockets on top of my desktop to the top of my desk. I guess I could use the port on my keyboard, but that may not provide power. Or did I leave it in the care with the adapter so I could flash new games from my phone?

Hey, let me add something to my AB2 wishlist: leave out the cable. Given the size target for the AB, any kind of cable is going to be a significant addition to the volume and weight of the package, and hence the shipping costs - possibly even more than the cost of the cable. So just leave it out. It’s not like you can’t get one at the local convenience store (Dollar General of all places has them) if you don’t already have more than you’ll ever need.

(Edit : I was wrong in this post. Please see my other post below.)

Not exactly the same problem but if Arduboy were sold with an USB cable that does charge AND data, and not just charge the battery, it would be even better! I had to buy one, but I don’t write that as it would be a big problem, no worries. Just an improvment to convice more people to buy an Arduboy and help beginners like me not losing time wondering why Arduboy doesn’t work when trying to put other games on it.

The included does data, as you can see with the 4 wires in the pictures

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Mine never worked. As soon as I tried a different cable everything worked as expected. Not worth returning the whole thing for just the cable, I had several others laying around anyway.

The included cable is a data cable! Please let us know if you got one that didn’t work, it helps us track stuff even if you don’t need a replacement we do like to know!


OK, I need to apologize Kevin : I just tried again to load a game to my Arduboy with the included cable and this time it works. I am sorry! It never worked before, but I might guess what was the problem : that cable can plug in the computer in both sides, one of these sides works and the other doesn’t, and people who had this problem maybe just tried with the wrong side and think “if it could be plug this way, it must be the right way to plug it”. Because most of the USB cables just don’t plug into the computer if we put it the wrong side.

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I do not know, I always appreciate the extra cable. It really depends on how much money can be saved if it is excluded.

Can you twist the end of the cable, open the end connector and post a picture about what is wrong?

(Maybe you connected it in reverse as @JuiceLizard?)

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I’ll see if I still have it and if so, happily help troubleshoot. I bought many months ago, for context. It wasn’t the reverse plug-in issue, by the way.

Hey, i got 2 Arduboys and one of the USB Cable had broken contact out of the box. So i tried exaxt the procedure in this thread with resoldering the broken contact. but when i superglued it finaly together, i took to much superglue and now the cable isnt funktioning anymore :frowning: i really like these magnetic usb cable and i searched the Internet to find the exact one, ist called “logi link cable” - but it costs with shping way over 10,00$ here in Germany. I payed for 1 Arduboy 79,75 $. So im not happy with one broken magnetic cable out of the box :(((