Repair the included micro USB cable

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Well you can always get your own cable anyways.
The cable that come with it WAS a data cable and did its job fine, beside several things about it (personal thinking, not applicable to everyone in every circumstance):

  • The pointy “hooks” on top of the connector is too long and caused slight deform to the golden (and therefore soft) connector on the Arduboy (but it is totally negligible)
  • The USB part is too thick (DO offer good connection, but it bends the connector in the female USB thing on your laptop/computer.
  • The wire is way too short. (not convenient even for use with a laptop)
  • The cable is too stiff. (cannot bend easily and the magnet can’t do much)
    *The connectors (plastic part) cannot clamp onto the elastic part (wire) very tight and can led to the wires inside being “uncomfortable” and break

I mean, it is almost certainly not the best cable on the world (it probably won’t be), but it is a data cable and it gets the job done.

I personally like the OPPO’s 1 meter VOOC cable (no “hooks” on connector, don’t wear the bit of gold on the connector off, but that gives you a stiff cable), the JBL’s ultra-soft & light cable (that come with my dad’s Charge2Go) with a reasonably flush “hook” and 1m length. Then was my current 1.2m “mod” cable with hooks ground flat for minium wear (but can still hook onto the connector quite tight) with the cable a bit too stiff for my liking, but I like the connector part.

I like this one now… :stuck_out_tongue: (with coil-spring wires)

Or the classic OPPO VOOC cable. (Big OOF toward your wallet)

Or wear the cable:

Your preference really.

Typing all these because someone moved this thread to the top. Was wondering why…

Tell @Haunebu123 not to post stuff in a thread more than 3 month old. That being necro posting and should be avoided.

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Wow, thank you. Thats exatly the point. The hooks went full of superglue after soldering and glueing it together so they cant move anymore, dont noticed theyre too long and can may damage the micro usb port from the arduboy. Good to know there are cable available without the hooks on the top of the connector. Yes it is not the best data cable :slight_smile: …but found it usefull to be compact and foldable, especially your with an subnotebook in an caffee outside and transfer the actuall arduboy scetch your working about, so i felt disappointed one of the two arduboys i got last week had a defective cable… I dayly wear a paracord bracelet so your suggestion of These Amazon usb cable-bracelets are verry impressively *-*´ The bad thing about this the order will take 1000 years of shipping or so to arrive Germany Maybe xD Thank you a lot Xavier <3

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Maybe you can clean the super glue too?

Also (for next time):


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the superglue runs/flows in both Hoocks so they cant move anymore :man_facepalming: no Chance of cleanig ist, i tried so. yes i took to much glue :sweat_smile:
i will craft a small dock with short cable just for charging and transfers, inspired by your pi dock :+1:

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