Replace damaged OLED


Anyone has the link for ordering the exact OLED screen used in the arduboy?

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1 Like this is the same right?

Yes, almost certainly.

It’s not common at all, I haven’t really seen it online but while sourcing in china I did find a same display with same controller with a different pinout.

What is damaged on the OLED, did it crack?

Small cracks and little burn on the polarizer film in one corner (I guess it is a polarizer) because looks blueish now in that area. Everything happened doing stuff outside normal usage, so this is not a new complain about the product quality :smiley:

I ordered the ebay replacement already, but for the moment I will have to survive with 1 less arduboy :confused:

I ordered and the connector is not as wide as the one in the arduboy…


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Thanks for letting people know.

If I were you I’d complain that the product is ‘not as advertised’, you’ve probably got a legal right to complain.

Yeah, I ordered again from Aliexpress… One more month

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The joys of sourcing!

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