Reply as linked Topic?

(Scott) #1

The new timeline/scroll bar for topics in nice. What happened to the “Reply as linked Topic” link that used to appear to the right of a post? Can you still do this somehow?


It’s still there for me…

(Scott) #3

Do you get the time bar on the right, in topics with many replies?


Yes, however I do seem to lose the ‘Reply as linked Topic’ option on those longer threads.
Odd behaviour.

Edit: Now it’s gone. I get the timeline option only. :unamused:

(Ross) #5

Hey : D

The feedback is bueno.

So the platform we use here is in active development, so a lot of changes will roll out. And we did just update.

One reason we chose this platform is it has a great plugin/api interface

As far as specific UI elements, there actually is a lot of discussion around these changes every day on the discourse boards. I would hesitate to suggest we try and implement a feature that was recently changed as part of the platform’s development roadmap.

There might be a conversation already in place about this feature on their boards, and I’ve defiantly seen features put back in if the community requests it.

I would snoop around the UI a bit and see what they have done to replace this feature. Something tells me it was a design choice that probably was a good one? But I didn’t use the reply as linked, so I’m afraid I can’t comment well on this change.

(Ross) #6

I will say, that I enjoy the timeline, and as it is a brand new feature, I imagine it will get some changes in the next update.

(Scott) #7

I’ve used “Reply as linked Topic” a few times. It’s nice to have when you want to branch a conversation that has gone off-topic.

I most recently used it here:

(Ross) #8

Discourse is pretty asynchronous, so after an update it will take a few refreshes or a logout to force downloading all of the new assets locally.

(Ross) #9

Found it : D