(Request) Blitz - old Commodore 64 & VIC-20 game Clone?

Good evening ladies & gents,

Just started out today with the Arduboy, and so far so good. I’m no programmer but I managed to get the games onto the Arduboy.

I saw that requests are taken in this section and i’ve used search but I can see there’s no such game (yet). Back in the 80’s I played a game called Blitz, for all intent and purposes it was a simple game of dropping bombs onto the city below from an airplane, and once clearing the level - landing the plane. I’m sure you retro-gamers will remember it?!

Just wondering is there such game or does anyone know of a similar game in the pipeline?

Thanks all,

I vaguley remember this … you bombed London from your bi-plane? Did anyone shoot back?

No, but I remember a Gorilla trying his luck on the C64 version!

Really? I don’t remember that but it sounds cool.

@cody17 (or was it @curly) was looking for a simple game idea to build. Maybe they should look at this as it is quite manageable.

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Ha this brings back some of my earliest gaming memories on a Vic20 it was one of the only games I could play…I was 3 :joy:

It was a cracking little game, I used to play it all the time… I remember it well, loading the game up before my dinner and after dinner it would be ready to play from the cassette deck lol

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I had never played this until you mentioned it. It’s great, though I question the morality of levelling a city to land a plane!

I have been trying to decide on my next arduboy project, and I think this one would be fun! It seems straightforward enough to implement, though vertical space is a bit more cramped. If I made the plane about 8 pixels tall, and made the buildings have a maximum of about 14 stories, it would be about the same proportions as the C64 version.

Should we call it “Blitz”, or should it have a new title?

It’s up to you, but I think the name Blitz would suit it perfectly :slight_smile: