Request for programmable microcard

Basically the Tetris unit, except it doesn’t have Tetris and you can upload games to it like the actual Arduboy.

Apart from being side ways what’s the difference

None same thing otherwise


So, one thing we are considering is actually going with the “Maker MicroCard” where we do exactly this. The focus would be schools because of it’s non-gendered nature. Where that fits in the product lineup, it’s difficult to say because it doesn’t make a lot of sense to be producing the two compatible hardware with just the only change being the orientation.

Originally we had intended the microcard to be re programmable with a second chip on board so you could side-load your own games. But we ran into some strange electrical demons that were blowing up chips after extended use due to sharing the serial bus that we weren’t able to diagnose in time. I suppose it is possible to revisit that one day.

So, there is interest, I’d like to do it, but at this point it’s cost prohibitive.


Ah… thats why the atmega32u4 was removed from the Tetris microcard. I thought It might be a licencing issue. Were there any resistors in series with the (serial) signals between mcu’s? Puting resistors in series at one mcu side will prevent shortcircuiting and also gives one mcu priority over the other on simultanious access.

I really hope there will be a programmable arduboy in microcard format (with atmega32u4). if it has to feature something extra’s how about a kit with different two translucent colored covers and colored button sets ? (green and amber covers would make nice retro colors :smiley: )

If it has to be more different and not fully compatible. I vote for an a 96x96 pixel oled display.I think there’s enough space to add it (see picture below) and with 1:1 aspect ratio with 16 gray scales there’s a new chalenge :slight_smile: at the buttons side, at the bottom, there’s room for a microSD card slot that would be the cherry on the pie :slight_smile:

There you go @bateske - its all worked out for you. I would love one too for my 1943 game I am writing!


Open Sourcing the MicroCard format is on the table for sure. I would add an SD card and infrared and call it the Maker MicroCard… but won’t be until next year if we do…

And about the 96x96 I might have other plans for that bad boy… :wink:


Just going to say I’m interested in a programmable version, too. (I’m really enjoying my dedicated Tetris machine, anyway! :D)


If the dual game microcard is cost prohibited, kick starter, I’d be happy to throw money at it

I would jump at an Arduboy in the microcard format and there’s already a few games that are geared towards this orientation.

@bateske why not test the water with a poll here and then a kickstarter?

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… I know a game that involves some planes that could benefit from this. @bateske how about a kickstarter special edition with a plush Kamikaze pilot?


@reltkaine I’m not sure this fits in this thread? The Microcard has a portrait orientated screen and does not run open source games like the Arduboy. Maybe this thread is better:

$12 Arduboy compatible system

And If you do post it there it would probably be best to write some text explaining what the Tikboy is!


I wondered if this would have been better continued Custom Hardware

Anyways now the topics back up any thoughts on releasing a 32u4 based microcard.

I don’t think we could sell enough to meet the 5,000 unit minimum order with our factory :frowning:

And you can also post the pinball game in the games category!

This thread is going off the rails I’m closing it!