Required app? [Solved]


I’ve installed used the quick start guide and installed all the stuff it said on there. The only real thing different is the recent windows update. I have hello world running on my arduboy right now which is kinda useless. I dont understand what I am doing wrong.

The quickstart guide (I assume you mean this one) tells you how to build from source code, not how to load a .arduboy file.

You can either download the source code (.zip), unzip it and then load it in the IDE and compile/upload it, or you can install one of the Arduboy ‘loader’ programs that can load .arduboy files.

Here’s two of the programs capable of doing that:

I think there’s at least one more, but I’m not sure.
(One made by @eried maybe?)


I do have team arg’s game loader installed and am still encountering that problem. It doesnt mater which one I use honestly… I think it might be because of the new windows update that it made me do, but I’m not sure.

I suppose I could just do the whole source code thing as a work around, but I was really enjoying using the managers.

Edit- also apparently trying to use the whole source code thing, Im getting a error that says #include globals.h

@eried’s uploader
@FManga’s ProjectABE
@Mr.Blinky’s Python Uploader

I’m currently using the Python Uploader it’s as simple as right click “send to”.

*will add links later


It probably doesn’t register the file extension.

Click the ‘More apps’ button and see if you can locate the loader that you’ve already got installed and hopefully that will work (assuming the loader is designed to handle .arduboy files that way).

If you can’t find it, try to download the file without trying to run it and then launch the loader and try to load the file from within the loader.

I wouldn’t be able to tell more without the whole error message, but I suspect a file got moved to where it shouldn’t have or went missing accidentally.

The installer of my uploader register .arduboy files too: (run the setup). That should be everything you need


oh good, your’s works. for some reason craits, and team’s arg’s doesn’t. Thank you!

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They most likely don’t register themselves as programs capable of handling the .arduboy file extension.

(Unless they used to work and no longer do, in which case the OS update may have upset the file extension handler somehow.)

I use to use team craits and in a pinch team arg’s. I think the update messed them up. My pc kept notifying me to update it so I eventually did. Not a big fan of windows updates to be honest.

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