Resistor Colour Calculator

Resistor.hex (55.6 KB)

Resistor Colour Calculator

This is a small application that allows you to calculate the values of a resistor from its colours and vice versa. It is designed to heavily use the RGB LED of the Arduboy, so running this on a device that has a functional one is highly recommended, although the app is still useable without. You can choose from a 3 band resistor (with only 2 sig figs and a multiplier) to a 6 band resistor (with an extra sig fig and tolerance & TCR values), allowing you to see all the colour and numeric data at once.
(and yes, I’m spelling it ‘colour’; please slide your insults under the flight deck door ^^)

It was programmed in Rust using @ZennDev1337’s Rust for Arduboy library, and was made as a test for using the library and to improve my Rust, and I certainly learnt a few things along the way.

You can get the source code and .hex file here, as well as the controls which are in the README.

I’m very doubtful that this has much practical use, but if you do end up using it, that would be fantastic!



Lol nice Black and white are colors

Well hence why the colours are mainly displayed through the RGB LED ^^

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This is cool!!


You could help justify your spelling by adding a location to your profile :wink:

Very good point!! I’ve done just that

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Great idea. Is there no end to what the Arduboy can do?

Are you looking to do it the other way as well … enter colours and get a value?

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You’d be surprised at how many of us there are on the forum.
In fact, so far you’ve had two Canadians, two Brits, and one Aussie like your post.
(Also one Russian and two(?) Americans, in case you’re wondering about the others.)


цвет … that almost looks like a ‘u’ at the front.

That should already be possible in the current program! If you press A you get a list of all the possible colours so you can more easily convert colours → values

Haha, I definitely am ^^

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Oh, sorry I missed that!