[RESOLVED] I turned my Arduboy into a keyboard smasher, now what?

I was recently testing the keyboard libraries and controlling my computer via my Arduboy. It has been continuously spamming letters into my computer with no screen output on the Arduboy at all… Forgot to include the libraries though for Arduboy so no flashlight mode and. cannot upload because all sketches get nuked by the spamming of letters (arduinos can go fast without a delay block). How do I reset it to no code or get it to stop spamming letters to unbrick it?

Please help me, I don’t want my Arduboy to stop working! I love the thing.

EDIT: I have tried holding down the reset button, it still manages to write letters to my computer. I am a Mac user but have access to an ubuntu computer. I need to be able to. shut the Arduboy’s program down while writing to it, or wiping it without a computer.

Yikes this is a tough situation you’ve coded yourself into here. Let’s see if we can get you back out.

Actually, the Arduboy is not bricked, you just wrote an application that interferes with the host PC enough to apparently cause problems during the upload.

To be extremely frank, the program you wrote can pretty much only cause this issue you are experiencing. I’ve done similar stuff before though so it’s an opportunity to learn.

What letters are being continuously spammed? Theoretically you should still be able to upload, you’ve just got to make sure that the keyboard input is going somewhere that won’t cause problems.

You mentioned that the application continues to write letters while you hold down the reset button? That shouldn’t be possible as when the reset button is held down, the device is continuously held in a reboot cycle. It’s possible you aren’t actually actuating the button, it’s a little sensitive and you also have to be careful because it can break off.

I suspect the problem with using Arduino is that you get a bunch of garbage text in the window and then have problems compiling.

You might try using @eried’s uploader tool, as it doesn’t have any form of input to cause any errors. The keyboard presses shouldn’t be a problem unless for some reason you’re sending really crazy stuff like “alt+f4”, and if that’s true you’re on your own on this one.

Try to make sure the reset button is working as it’s supposed to but I think using the Arduboy Uploader will hopefully work for you. Just try to upload any other precompiled game in .hex format.

It’s smashing in “w” and “z”. I will try to press the button with something else later. Also, any alternatives to Eried’s software? As stated, I’m a Mac and Linux user.

Maybe my button is broken… I can feel it clicking in though… Or the program is so simple that it only takes the tiniest amount of time for it to start.

You should be able to continuously hold it down to hold it in the boot loop. That’s strange I’ll look into it more.

For Mac user? I don’t know maybe there is an application you can download that disables ALL keyboard inputs and then try that? :fearful:

Lets see if anyone else can suggest anything, but if you need to you can send it in I’ll fix it for you for free.

I live in a Mac community and family :wink: so no-one owns a windows machine, however, my friend owns a copy of Windows 10 for use in bootcamp so will try to use that when he comes around later today.

Please do. I have tried everything on the button (including holding from start, only once it starts entering and more) to no avail as it keeps entering text. I guess it’s broken?

Unfortunately that would likely not be viable for me because of my residence in Singapore (shipping fees!) and having bought the unit through Adafruit.

:partying_face: HURRAH :partying_face:

After much searching, deliberation and thinking I had forever broken my Arduboy for a grand total of 2 hours, I have fixed it. For anyone else on Mac, I highly recommend KeyboardCleanTool by Andreas Hegenberg (the creator of BetterTouchTool) if you accidentally built a keyboard smasher, like me.

It works like a charm, allowing mouse input while blocking any keyboard input from any attached device until you close the app with a mouse.

Thanks @bateske for all the help and suggestions, now I can get back to playing Lode Runner and Hopper. (my favourite games rn).

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There is always a solution, the question is just if you are determined enough to find it. Good job!

P.S. I’ve lived in SG for a few months it is an amazing place. I didn’t think I would miss it so much because of the humidity, but actually I could go for a chicken rice about now.

That sounds like an evil cult :scream:

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I am a member of that cult. :pentagram:

And I am a part time member :smiling_imp: