Retro future handheld for playing NIM

My goal here with “Nimesis” was another Retro future handheld that uses more of those Japanese military grade switches since the tactility was so pleasant. I used an Arduino Leonardo compatible, but smaller board. It uses scrolling text and bar graphs as its interface and 1-bit sound effects and tunes throughout. Again I used CNC to carve the “cooling vents” and cutouts. For the branding I went for “Human vs. the Machine” early 80’s kind of vibe.


I just love the design of this. Reminds me of some of the electronic games that some older kids had when i was a kid.

Great job!

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Wow … that looks fantastic. You should create custom cases for the Arduboy and sell them. Would be awesome to gut an arduboy and fit it into a different case.


Electromechanical devices are fascinating.

Is that a like some “space invader” space shooting game?

Yeah, some switches are crap, some are just OK, some are good, and then there are those that are satisfying to use. Nimesis is a game of NIM, where you and the CPU each take away a number of balls in a series of turns with the goal being to not get stuck with the last ball (depending upon how you play). I have 1-bit sound effects and over a dozen 80’s tunes in it.

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The most interesting type of actuators involve in the toggle switches, but they return to their “off” position when released.
They were panel mounted, too, so you can keep glue guns (and other finicky stuff) away.

I can see why from this excellent demo where either you completely crush the opponent or you get completely flattened.

I assume your clone feature a lot more tokens and more choices (e,g, 1 to 4)
I wonder what the control is.

video: nimesis demo - YouTube