RetroAchievement - Challenge

So RetroAchievement have added Arduboy games (Thanks @fridge, @Hundstrasse):

I’m kinda out of touch… Does the emulator record the achievements or does it rely on honesty?.. Is there a guide to setting up?

The emulator, either through RALibretro or through Retroarch automatically watches for specific RAM changes where achievement developers at Retro Achievements design. We also have a very active discord community. Anyone can sign up to become a Jr. Dev and make sets!

Users just need to create an account with Retro Achievements and then users can sign in via Retroarch
Retroarch → Options → Achievements (be sure to turn on hardcore mode for leaderboards)

You can also download the standalone RALibRetro, sign in using your RetroAchievements account, and download the Arduboy core ( Settings → manage cores → Arduboy [Arduous] )