Reverse Mermaid Hockey - Third TEAM a.r.g. game


Reverse Mermaid Hockey

Our third game for Arduboy.This one has been made by @dragula96, our new team member.

Here you have a video:

Manual, media, download and technical are all on our website:

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Links to Team ARG’s website have been removed due to malicious new owners.


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That manual is not clear on game-end/win conditions. If I win do I get fed shrimp and caviar??!

(Go GBS!)

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The intention was: not to be clear on anything. So mission accomplished :smiley:

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Thanks J03RI for all your help and hard work you put into bringing this project to life and adding humor into it :slight_smile:

also shout out to UncleSporky for helping us with the concept and art of the game!


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