Reversi - A simple board game

(OBONO) #1



This is just a Reversi game.
You can play the game against CPU. Or 2 players can play in turn.
The game can be suspended and resumed.

reversi1 reversi2


  • D-pad: Move the cursor
  • B button: Place a stone
  • A button: Open the menu




Download HEX file.
Or check out souce code and build the project in ‘reversi’ folder.

(Stephane C) #2

Thank you for making this game! My wife’s been asking me to do it for a while now. I can finally tell her that someone else did it :wink:

Oh and really like the stone animation when they flip!

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(Matt) #3

the flip animation is satisfying, makes me want to get a giant flip

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(Simon) #4

How good is this? I got whipped on my first game as Iet the computer get the corners … I need to remember. the strategies I used to know.

The graphics - and the flip - are just great, nice work!

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(Nao) #5

Thank you for the great reversi.
“Level 3” is very tough player for me.
I can win if I do not lose attention, but I will lose if I neglect watchful… :dizzy_face:

I tried to play it against Game Boy Othello[DMG-OTJ].

(Arduboy is lying down to match the initial placement of W/B stones.)

OBONO’s Reversi Level 3 was overwhelming Level 2 (COM 2) of GB Othello.
It will do a good fight against GB Othello Level 3 (COM 3) as well.:laughing:

(Simon) #6

Awesome comparison … I don’t feel so bad now that it beat me!

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(OBONO) #7

@Vampirics @city41 @filmote
I’m glad you liked the flipping animation! I’m particular about it.

Actually, I don’t know how good my CPU logic is. I hardly beat the level 3, but it’s simply just because I’m not a good player.


I used to beat my dad all the time at reversi.
This make me very eager to see what algorithm you came up with it.
It wasn’t a simple game dude …

(OBONO) #9

It may look complex but the concept is simple.
A combination of evaluation function and alpha beta pruning.
Do you want me to explain the detail?

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(Jean Charles Lebeau) #10

Oh yes, as this concept can be used for alot of games. It’s can be a stand alone tuto with the support of Reversi to illustrate it, maybe ?


No thanks. I would rather check it it the code myself…

    20 -8  0 -1 -1  0 -8 20
    -8-10 -2 -2 -2 -2-10 -8
     0 -2  0 -1 -1  0 -2  0  
    -1 -2 -1 -1 -1 -1 -2 -1
    -1 -2 -1 -1 -1 -1 -2 -1
     0 -2  0 -1 -1  0 -2  0  
    -8-10 -2 -2 -2 -2-10 -8
    20 -8  0 -1 -1  0 -8 20

Defining which points are more important…cool.
It was quite simple, I didn’t even see any large patch of code for the steps.

(Daniel Pelletier) #12

I think like Jean-Charles, if you don’t mind making a tutorial that we can follow in the code.

A lot of learning dev would love to have explanation as they look at the code.

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(OBONO) #13


@Jean-Charles_Lebeau @dpelletier05
I wish I made a tutorial, but my English is so poor. Sorry. :sob:
I never mind that YOU make a tutorial.

(Jean Charles Lebeau) #14

Wich langage do you use ? Write it in your langage and we have to know if we can translate it later into english (as you can read it, it’s better if it’s not me who make the english translation…)

(Daniel Pelletier) #15

My english is good but my programming skill is not on par… I just recieved my arduboy to start programming so i could make the Tutorial, but I’ll need some time !

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(Jean Charles Lebeau) #16

You have time. Don’t hurry up. Make it fun and with fun. It’s just another way to progress. So it’s will be fine when it’s will be completed but we can wait for it.

(Daniel Pelletier) #17

I fell it will be very Instructive !
Analysing C++ Code after 20 years without touching it ! :wink:

I ordered arduboys to teach my 10 years old how to code… and forgot I had to know how to code before I could teach it !

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(Pharap) #18

You could write it in Japanese and I could attempt to translate.

Or you could communicate the idea with diagrams and mathematical symbols?


(OBONO) #19

@Jean-Charles_Lebeau @dpelletier05
Okay. I’ll make a new topic in 日本語 category someday.

Thank you for your notes. どうもありがとう。