Rhythm game for Arduboy

Imagine a rhythm game for the arduboy.

On top of that, imagine if there make one with an editor that allows a community to make their own charts with their own music. That could be really cool.

if this does happen though, rip arduboy buttons :frowning:

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You could hack the Coders Toolbox to take the music editing section and add a replay / game function.

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The other day I stumbled upon a GitHub repo for an unfinished Arduboy rhythm game,
but I don’t know if the person whose repo it was would want me drawing attention to it.

If it’s github and public then it’s fair game …

I was working on a Guitar Hero inspired rhythm game sort of thing. Too much other life stuff crept onto my plate though, which is why I’ll never become a decent game developer.

I hadn’t seen this thread until today, but I’ve been working on something you might like. :grin:

@shiyouganai, your game was the game to which I was referring.

What a coincidence, I was wondering if it was. Thank you for keeping it under wraps until it was ready to show off, even if it was a public repo (I was sharing my progress and code with some developer friends regularly). :grin:

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