Rick and Morty Game

RPG_Rick and Morty Game_Rick and Morty Game.hex (27.3 KB)

A little too late to match the April Fool’s day premiere, here is THE MOST EPIC (unofficial) ARDUBOY RICK AND MORTY game. :wink:

Github link here!


get shwifty! (it made me type get shwifty 3 times to make the post long enough thats odd, but looking back i decided id rather just get shwifty once and have this explanation)

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If anyone following this thread, i’ve been having so much help from @curly, and its gonna be such a fun game once complete (biased opinion)!


Just wondering how the (unofficial) R&M game is coming along. Curious minds want to know! :robot:

Forked! :space_invader::fork_and_knife:

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Bump for an update! When is the new season coming out!?

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We are still waiting for more episodes, this is also still one of my favorite Arduboy games of all time.