Ring Puzzle Game

While my arduboy traveling to me across the ocean I wrote my first game for it. It is a simple puzzle game with toroidal topology (I think I saw something similar on Speccy long time ago). Since I hadn’t real device, I used sim-arduboy for running and testing.

Here are:

There are a few issues, that remains unsolved:

  • Writing best results to EEPROM. There is a long discussion on this site about organizing data on EEPROM with no final decision. Is any convention about EEPROM usage exists?
  • Distributing program. I found that there is no one right way to distribute game. Available options: .arduboy package, Erwin’s Arduboy Collection Repository, hex file, link to the source code. Which way is commonly used?

No. Just make sure you’re not writing to the first 16 bytes of EEPROM by starting somewhere past EEPROM_STORAGE_SPACE_START. If you create a .arduboy file, indicate what EEPROM area you’ve used by setting the proper fields in the info.json file.

You should provide the source (as you’ve already done on GitHub) for people who don’t wish to, or can’t use, pre-compiled code (such as Linux users).

If you also wish to release pre-compiled code, using the .arduboy format is best. This allows you to include the license, a link to the source code, etc.

Very useful information. Thanks. IMHO, It should be in tutorials.

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