RIP Gamebuino 2020 [Long Live Gamebuino! 2021]

From Gamebuino facebook:

Hello everyone,

I regret to announce that the company AADALIE SAS, which carries the Gamebuino project, is in judicial liquidation.

It is disappointing to see such a promising project come to a halt so soon. I grant you that. But let’s not forget that thousands of Made in France consoles have been sold throughout the world, and hundreds of games have been created. It will have been a modest contribution to reveal the digital talents of tomorrow, and to export products made with love in France.

Unfortunately, a misfortune like we rarely see has blocked the path of the fiery passions and pugnacity of the contributors and the team. I will not go into detail here. After more than a year of struggle, as hard as it was desperate, there was no other choice but to proceed with the liquidation.

If you are interested in acquiring the company’s assets (patents, trademark, website, goodwill, components, consoles, etc.), contact me for more information on the auction at

If no one takes over the project, it will disappear silently and remain in our memories.

Thank you all for your trust and contributions,


PS: I’m gradually adding exclusive content to my blog, for example the kit version of the Gamebuino META that never saw the light of day. You can check it out, and subscribe to stay up to date with my future projects.

It’s here : (under construction)

That’s a bummer I guess because of the pandemic has put a lot of stress on a lot of people. I always liked to see the Gamebuino out there because it meant there was a market for these kind of products.

I don’t know, it’s kind of a long shot and I don’t how much liquid capital it would require but to maybe at least get the website, host some legacy support for the Gamebuino but focus it on directing people to Arduboy? Maybe put some more energy into the arduboy-gamebuino library?

Even longer shot, maybe if a few people wanted to pool together to create a new company to share ownership of gamebuino?


I was personally attracted to gamebuino, but their pricing was just too high.

I am not sure how those companies work but I feel that they estimate wrongly a bigger market in sort of a “we are the next apple” kind of idea. Related: I was surprised to know that Anki went out of business too, they get a lot of founding with those “big market” dreams and later they are unable to fulfill what the investors want back.

I think what the Finnish guy is doing with pokitto is the right way for this -retro-diy-arcade stuff. Sort of a side hobby project, that could naturally evolve to a bigger deal.


saddly reasons are more complex and a part is due from internal problem in this business but yes, it’s easiest to do it as an additional activity than a main activity exept if you add frequently new things or make a monthly package or something like that. I’m sad of this end of activity. The META was a good console and i hope that Aurelien will publish soon the maker version of it.


Buy up the branding and merge it and then you have Arduino… wait Gameboy wait… :thinking:


It looks like loans had to be paid back thus liquidation under auction.

Anki took millions upon millions of investment dollars and burned right through it all without giving them enough runway for sales to float the business.

I’m still very curious how Pokkitto paid for the molds and production, perhaps chose to buy that instead of a car for himself maybe? I suspect there is something like a family loan or something going on there.

@Jean-Charles_Lebeau didn’t know you were working there! Give Aurelien my regards!

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I think @jonnection works for, or is somehow associated with, the company that made the molds. Plus, the Kickstarter campaign brought in a fair amount towards up front funding.

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Of course, that would merit a larger discussion on capital, equity and responsibilities, but under the correct circumstances, I could be interested.

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You could try asking Jonne.

He’s generally quite happy to talk about the history of the Pokitto and the behind the scenes stuff.

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Hi Bateske. I’m not working there. I was just try to support him and i have no other way to give regards exept by may or on forum. I work in ITSM configuration :slight_smile: I just love console and was happy to have one made in France. This project was good and could developp. Albert has do the recipe of the month sending i was asking to Aurelien to do it before but it was to early when the problems has begun. It’s very sad

For the ones it’s can interress, the documentation for the META can be access at this address: It’s no more supported by a society, just users who keep it readable.


Fortunately, Since 2021, Gamebuino is alive, Again!
Thanks Kevin.


Haha I updated the title.

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