Ripped PC speaker sound effects + music

I was having some fun with the ArduboyTones library and ripped some music and sound effects from some old DOS games. I dumped out sound from Space Quest 1, Space Quest 2 and Wolfenstein 3D and converted them to the format expected by ArduboyTones. All are available in this simple sketch:

It is too much to fit them all in one sketch, so you will need to include one of the headers ‘SQ1.h’, ‘SQ2.h’ or ‘Wolf3D.h’ at the top.

I figured that some of the sound effects might be useful for prototyping games which is why I posted on the Assets section :slight_smile:

I originally ripped the Wolfenstein 3D sounds for Wolfenduino but there are other games that share the same PC speaker format that could probably be ripped too. There are also several other Sierra games based on the same engine as Space Quest that could be ripped.

Here is a quick video of the Arduboy playing the Space Quest 1 music:


:open_mouth: port this wow

Sierra games… omg. Need an SD card…

I never quite finished the Gamebuino version as I ran into memory / flash limitations if I remember correctly. I did consider porting over to Arduboy but it needs the SD card to read off the level data (it streams the data in/out as you walk around the level) There is probably enough space for the first level of Wolfenstein 3D so it could still be a fun tech demo :slight_smile:

Or a flash chip with faster random access times :wink:

This just reminded me how much i need to figure out how to port space quest to arduboy.

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Would be awesome to see Space Quest on the Arduboy! I’ve thought about this before but not sure how it could all fit in flash. You at least have the music now to make a start :wink: